The Milky Mushroom

Milky mushroom or Calocybe indica is an Indian mushroom which is not only delicious and nutritious, but also known to have medicinal benefits. Multiple studies have proven that this mushrooms strengthens and regulate the immune system thus making it a strong defense against infections as well as asthma and other allergies. It also has antibiotic, anti-tumor, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

Milky Mushroom has excellent texture and a robust flavor. It can be cooked in a variety of dishes. Wash, slice, boil for five minutes, drain and cook with any dish. Cook to omelet, pasta, pizza, stir-fry and curry. Even traditional recipes like adobo, pansit, lumpia, chopsuey, sisig, papaitan, kare-kare, menudo, pusit, laing, dinuguan and bopis can be made healthier with the addition of milky mushroom.

milky mushroomsMilky Mushrooms are grown by Merry Mushrooms Corporation. Call, text or email for more information (09178902524, and

I saw the mushroom and got the brochure during the BAR anniversary exhibit.

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  1. Good morning, Mayor Natividad R. Gonzaga of the Local Government Unit of Danao, Bohol is very much interested in the kind of training provided by Ms. Thelma Venoya. In this light, can you give us her contact details so we could make a formal request for her.

    1. Sir, Have you asked Bureau of Agricultural Research about this? They are the host of the said event. They might be able to recommend other Trainors in case who you seek is not available.

  2. Please give me the complete address of Thelma Venoya, Manager of Mushroom Training Center. I would like to contact her for the things related to the training of milky mushroom. Thank you.

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