A Simple Test for Colored and Printed Tissue Paper

Tissue paper are like handkerchief. It can wipe off dirts  and stains on hands, arms and face. It is water absorbent and used to dry wet surfaces.  Handkerchief is washable and far more durable. Tissue papers is thin and tears easily. Contact with water greatly amplifies this weakness. Single use only. Cannot be rewashed. Should be disposed every used.

The disposable property of tissue paper is its one major advantage. A towel or handkerchief used for sneezing should be folded and brought back to packet. The practice is unclean but disposing it after use is not practical. Imagine how many handkerchiefs will be wasted. On the other, tissue paper is thrown away after usage. Thus having a tissue paper is more sanitary than bringing a towel.

Most tissue paper are plain white. Some come with various colors. Some have printed logo as way of advertisement. White colored brands without prints are definitely the recommended choice. In case colored brands with prints are desired, be aware that some of them are using poor quality dyes. When the tissue comes in contact with water, the color might stain skin or clothes. You might also eat those dyes in indirect manner. Having this kind is a mess.

Colored and printed tissue papers should be tested before buying in bulk. Wet the printed portion and set aside. A small piece can be soaked in water for few minutes as alternative. Spreading of colors would mean rejection.

The tissue paper below passed the test.

printed tissue paper

tissue paper soaked in water


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