Abstaining Energy Drinks and Pork Fat to Cure Toe Pain

I woke up Saturday morning. I was surprised. My left toe was in pain. Getting up on my feet was hard. Walking was harder. There was a sudden impulse of intense pain on every step. Pain persisted the next day. I took Planax twice but there was no effect. Then my better half suggested to consult a doctor. To undergo examination and buy the right medicine. I refused!

This is not the first time I experienced this toe pain. It is happening every time I drink too much energy drink (like Cobra and Sting) and eat too much pork fat. I drink energy boosting beverage every time I am sleepy and need to finish a lot of works. On the other hand, pork fat is irresistible – its the most delectable part of meat.

If I see a doctor. He will give the right medicine to cure my toe pain. Perhaps advise me to refrain from eating those foods.

After one week of culprit foods abstinence, I am now walking straight though there is still a slight pain. I know the pain will go away eventually.

I never wanted to know the right over-the-counter drug for my toe pain. If I did, I might be tempted to eat those food again and just take medicine afterwards. Not good practice for the liver.

Food is like a fuel. It gives as energy to live. Energy to do our every day work and enjoy life. Just like fuel, it has impurities. Some have more impurities than others. Some are cleaner than others. Our body has mechanism to expel out those dirt but might fail if too much are taken. We have to watch carefully our food intake. We must take good and avoid bad.

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