Tomenza and Igorota for Healthier Potato Chips

Cooking potato chips can be very simple. It involves two processes and two ingredients. Slice potatoes and deep fry until crispy or slightly golden. Two ingredients are potato and cooking oil. The oil is drained off after cooking so it can be considered as processing aid, not really as ingredient.

The first factor of a healthier processed food is the number of ingredients. The lesser, the better. The second is the number of processes involved. The lesser processes, the better.Why cook if it can be eaten raw? Why add flavors if the taste value is enough? Why add preservatives if it can be stored in refrigerator and eaten shortly? Package food with a wide array of ingredients had gone through a lot of processes. Note: processing takes out nutrients. Nutrients are removed by merely peeling a mango.

Tomenza and Igorota are two potato varieties that can be made to healthier chips. They have highly acceptable sensory qualities. Less flavor needed for processing or none at all. Have high dry matter content. Fibers are good for everybody’s health.The PCAARRD Science Technology Based Farm produced potato chips out of these two varieties. The chips has lower sodium content than commercial. About 65-95mg/35g while other are 150-210mg/25g. See the good and bad effects of salt.

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