Is Drinking Too Much Water Dangerous?

I have just read from Yahoo News. New Zealand’s 30-year-old woman died due to Coca cola overdose – 10 liters a day drinking habit. The woman was so addicted to coke, experiencing shakes, withdrawal symptoms, get angry whenever coke runs out.

The cause of death is believed to be cardiac arrhythmia. Also suffered from low potassium levels and caffeine toxicity.

The Coca cola Oceania told the reporter that excessive consumption of any liquid over a short period of time is detrimental. The case would be worse if consumption of other health foods is neglected. The same case applies with drinking too much water.

Investigation is still on-going as of writing this.


What if the woman became addicted to water instead. Perhaps she was still l in good condition by now.

Consumption of excessive water over a short period is indeed harmful – too much of everything is bad. However, filling what your body can carry is unlikely. There gonna be a slight pain in abdomen that will stop you from drinking more – unless some internal organs are malfunctioning.

Taking too much distilled water might be harmful cause it tend to wash away minerals and electrolytes. But, taking adequate health foods easily counter this problem. Tap or mineral water is neutral and won’t take away any.

No amount of unclean water is enough. Even a single drop might be too much to bring chronic diseases.  If the water taken in is clean, then excretory system has no trouble driving it out.

In my opinion, drinking coke before meal might prevent getting adequate nutrients. It contain sugar, an energy source, that makes us feel full and prevent us from eating other meal.  On the other hand, drinking water alone makes as full for a short period but does not satisfy our hunger so we need to eat soon after.

Drink coke in moderation only, not at least eight glasses a day. Drink more water as long as it’s clean but do not force 10 liters in one shot. I can fill in 500 ml easily but can barely take 1 liter. I am taking five to ten 500ml glasses a day.

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