Are Mahogany Seeds Toxic?

My late grandfather used to chew mahogany seeds regularly. He said it has some health benefits. He failed to discuss the details though.

His seeds reserved were running out so he asked me if I can find some for him. I knew several mahogany trees but they are too high for me to climb. I admit, I am not a good climber. I tried to find fallen fruit but failed.

a whole mahogany fruit

Brother told me that finding a whole fruit on ground was almost impossible. The mature mahogany fruit breaks apart while still attached to tree branches. The light seeds scatter with the help of blowing wind.

After few weeks, grandpa threw away all the mahogany seeds. He heard from news and peers that it is toxic to human.

I did some digging!

Swietenia mahogani Jacquin (Mahogany) is known for treatment of diseases like hypertension, cancer, amebiasis, chest pains and intestinal parasitism. It was reported to be abortifacient  but not supported by any scientific studies. I cannot find any supportive evidence either.

K Bacsal and company, found that mahogany seeds has potential effect on healing gastric ulcers due to phospolipid and long chain unsaturated fatty acid content.

The website listed mahogany in their toxic wood list. Mahogany, American: sensitizer/respiratory, eye & skin/small/dust/rare. Mahogany, African: sensitizer/respiratory/great/dust/rare.

According to, all parts of the tree should be considered dangerous if eaten. Its leaves are a natural insecticide and will repel insects from stored fruits and grains. Take care not to eat leaves mixed with the stored food.

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  1. The trees are all over South Florida. I have always wondered about them. Occasionally I see them on the ground. The way they open reminds me of the way ackee opens.

  2. Our family has powdered and eaten mahogany seeds for 4 generations now. My grandfather still lives and is 100 years old, although he has Alzheimer’s. My grandma is 98. My mother is 68. My father died young though at 74. Poisonous? I guess not to us.

  3. I am ph.D student and I am working on Mahogany in my theses
    woul you give me some information about seed price?
    best regards

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