White Bread is not a Healthy Bread

How many bread do a bakeshop have? Too many to count? Perhaps counting is not necessary, unless you are an employee or the owner. The purpose of getting in front is to buy some bread, nothing else.

Most bread have white to brown complexion. Brown color as a result of browning reaction during baking. Color might be brown but the internal is still white. There are so many bread but the number with darker complexion from the inside out can be counted in fingers.

More white bread means less healthy bread. White versions are made of white flour. White flour are fined and stripped of many nutrients leaving almost nothing but carbohydrates. The germ and bran part contain the nutrients. Sadly, the two are removed during refining process. In addition, flour are bleach with chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, calcium peroxide or azodicarbonamide.

The next time, ask for a whole grain bread before deciding to buy.

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