What is the Daily Recommended Dosage of Virgin Coconut Oil?

Virgin coconut oil is beneficial cause it contain 65-70% medium chain triglycerides which is directly absorbed in the portal circulation to produce energy and does not form bad cholesterol. These counteracted the previous belief and studies that coconut oil is bad to health.vco label sample

The recommended dose is usually written on label of every VCO bottle. In case missing, refer to following:

Body Weight (lb/kg)   Tablespoons of Oil
175+/ 79+                   4
150/68                        3 1/2
125/57                        3
100/45                        2 1/2
75/34                          2
50/23                          1 1/2
25/11                          1

Table of recommendation courtesy of Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife and thevirgincoconutoil.com.

Dosage indicated might not true. As of date, there is no solid study correlating amount taken to benefits.

A study was conducted by Food and Research Institute (FNRI-DOST), “The Effects of Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) on the Lipid Profile of Rats (Dose Respones Study)”. Several groups of rats were fed with basal diet and different levels of VCO. The results: The serum glucose and lipid profile of normal rats did not differ at different levels of VCO in the duration of the study. The study also stated that consuming VCO might have thermogenic effects (fat burning).

Are you taking VCO? How much do you take daily? What are the effects?

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  1. Is vco safe even for those that are underweight?. I’m 55 years of age and weighs about 105 pounds and 1.51m in height. If I take vco, will it not cause me to lose more weight? Thanks and GOD BLESS!

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