Curing Kidney Disease and Hypertension Through Vegan Lifestyle

I heard this seem to be unbelievable story from GMA7 News Saksi:

Before: Jesus weighed 208 pounds. Because of his size and fat deposits, he had hypertension and kidney problem. He had undergone regular dialysis.

Now: Jesus is slim and weighs only 150 pounds. His hypertension is gone. His kidney disease is also gone. He stopped undergoing dialysis because his creatinine has gone down to safe levels.

What is the secret of this man? Did he take any slimming supplement and medications?

The answer is no! This man is taking a vegan diet. The highest form of vegetarianism, no meat, no rice and no dairy products.

Other form of vegetarianism are 1) ovo-vegetarian, can eat eggs but meat and other dairy products, 2) lacto-vegetarian, can take milk and its product but meat and other dairy products, and 3) lacto-ovo-vegetarian, can eat egg, milk and its products but meat.

Vegan lifestyle gave this man a sexy body and cured his diseases. Experts says that this phenomenon is possible through veganism. All fruits and vegetables provide ample amount of nutrients and natural medicine for the body without waste products that might damage the body.
three ampalaya veggies

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