Our Very Own Home Grown Pechay

The following pictures are proofs that anyone without a land or garden can still grow vegetables in his very own home.

freshly harvested homegrown pechay

I am wanting to buy my very own land. A place where I can plant trees and vegetables. Waking up every morning and seeing the green vegetable plots, yellow mangoes, tall coconut trees, healthy cows and running chickens.

For the start. We have small piece of land inherited from our grandmother. It just a coincidence that we need to build our own family house and there was still space available. Grandma gave us the permission to use the space. It was small but enough and we were able to build a two-story house with salas, kitchen, toilet, three bedrooms and a balcony.

The sad part, we have no garden space for planting vegetables. However, I still managed producing these fresh pechay in our very own home, in our balcony.

You can do it too! Here are the checklist of essential things.

1) A passion for growing plants. The passion is very important. Hectares of land is nothing without the heart for plants.

2) Planting pots. Buy them from stores or recycle mineral water bottles, tin cans and disposable cups.

3) Good quality seeds. Ask a friend to give you some, buy from reputable source or produce your own.

4) Good knowledge about plant care. Ask the experts, enroll in a seminar or read books, pamphlets and internet pages.

5) Source of good planting media. A regular garden soil may do for the start. However, planting media such as vermicast and regular compost may increase chances of success. You may also want to learn how to make them yourself.

6) A place where the sunshine often strikes. It can be a balcony, a small space in house front or side or just beside the window. Sunlight is essential part of plant’s growth and development.


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