Add Vinegar to Lower the Effect of High Glycemic Foods

Diet is health but the result could be the reverse sometimes. Avoiding chemical preservatives, too much carbs and fatty foods is indeed healthy. However, worrying too much about what is good and what is not can be stressful.The feeling of stress is not healthy and could be a precursor of many illnesses. It is like contradicting the effect of a healthy diet.

Eating your favorite street foods, junks and pork back fat once in a while to satisfy craving should be done. The guilt could be lessen by half by adding or dipping it with vinegar. Notice that most of the mentioned foods can be dipped in vinegar sauce. The fried pork, isaw, dugo, adidas, kwek kwek, corn crackers and chips. Even some fruits and vegetables can be eaten with vinegar like rare ripe papaya, babagan, Indian mango and cucumber. Recipes like paksiw, sinigang and sinaing requires the addition of vinegar or other natural acid agent.

vinegar in cup

Vinegar can lower the effect of high glycemic index foods by almost half. E.g. a particular meal with a GI value of 72 would be down to 36 when added with vinegar. This is in accordance with the study of Arizona State University.

Before grabbing the favorite vinegar mix and favorite high carb food, please be reminded that the study is about the carb intake. It did not tackle the other aspects such as LDL and preservatives. And eating too much of low carb foods will not save you from getting obese.

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