Waiting For Ashitaba Herb Plantlet

He know I am an editor of my very own blog. He is helping me by giving ideas – ideas worth blogging for.  One of the good ideas he told was the ashitaba. A plant with an array of useful properties.

I was completely clueless about the herb. My plan was to look for it later but forgot it completely. After few days, my wife was also talking about the said plant. She said it is a good herbal medicine but cannot state any illness that can be cured.

Two persons talking about the same thing was enough to build up my interest despite of very busy schedule. I consulted mr. google and saw a familiar looking leaves. I could not remember where and when I saw it. I could not remember its local name either.

My request for a small planting material is still in process. I have to wait for unknown length of time (hope it is sooner, not later). Their plant must first undergo vegetative growth and produce plantlets. A good quality picture won’t do any harm and is on its way…

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  1. It would definitely help if you could post a picture of it. Many have been interchanging “Ashitaba” and “Gynura procumbens” since they are both called Green tea. What we have many here in the Philippines is the Gynura procumbens.,.It is propagated by stem cuttings while Ashitaba has seeds.
    These green tea varieties has medicinal properties and can help lower blood pressure and many others. I am taking this leaves (Gynura procumbens) regularly together with VCO. I take it 3 times a day before or after every meals…..

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