Purified Drinking Water Tasted Like Chlorine

The next training day (I am attending a seminar), I decided not to bring drinking water. The training management provides ample supply of purified drinking water by means of hot and cold water dispenser. I just brought a water bottle to serve as my drinking medium. Besides drinking water in its cold state is very refreshing.

I am trying to avoid all sorts of artificial beverages such as cola and juice drinks. Drinking those is not a good habit.

I was expecting that the water was purified or mineralized  but I was disappointed when I drank it. The taste was like chlorinated water. I was amazed that a producer of such awful tasting product exist. I asked my co-trainees if they like the taste of purified water that was provided. They replied that it was okay because they are accustomed to it. Water supply in their area is also chlorinated and drinking such is not an issue.

purified drinking water

Water chlorination is done to disinfect it out of all harmful microorganisms like Escherichia coli, the common water contaminant. It can be used in drinking water to some extent but making a commercial drinking water taste like chlorine is a shame.

I am thinking if it was really a purified drinking water or not. It was my first time to encounter a bad tasting water product, most of them taste good like a fresh water from a spring. Seeing other gallons with seal still intact proved that it was really a purified drinking water.

Are you a producer of mineral or purified drinking water? Please see to it that your product has no off-taste and off-odors!

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