Different Ways To Eat Garlic

According to Reader’s Digest, garlic is one of the foods that has the potential in preventing cancer. Note: the term is “prevention” not cure. It can stimulate the body defenses against cancer and reduce tumor growth. The anti-cancer effect is attributed by sulfur compounds.

garlic head

Hate garlic? Here are some ways to eat it. Pick the one you are most comfortable with.

1) The most uncomfortable way is to eat it raw. Get a whole garlic head. Separate each clove. Remove the skins. Then eat it comfortably – just like eating potato chips. A glass of water will help push it way down to stomach.

2) Perhaps the above is not really comfortable. Plain raw garlic taste awful. In a jar, mix equal amount of vinegar and soy sauce. Add garlic cloves – all should be soaked. Store in  room temperature until the garlic became greenish. It taste better than plain raw and even better with rice. See how it looks like!

3) Add it to every dish. Minced garlic when mixed with any dish is often unnoticeable. It gives a good flavor. However, some people with a super sensitive sense of taste rejects any dish with garlic or excessive amount of garlic.

4) Fry it. Eating a piece of garlic from a vegetable recipe is an awful experience. But a fried garlic mixed with peanuts is different. It tastes good. Plain garlic chip is also good tasting.

5) The garlic bread and garlic flakes. The first time I had a taste of garlic bread, I liked it and never thought it was garlic flavored.

6) Look for other healthy foods. There are many healthy options that can help maintain healthy body and prevent cancer. No need to force yourself in eating something you never like.

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