Why It Is Hard to Avoid Unhealthy Foods?

Do you ever wonder why you cannot manage avoiding unhealthy foods? Some of the following reasons might be the right answers.

1) Most unhealthy foods are delectable. Pork, chocolates, ice cream and softdrinks. I am not saying that they are really unhealthy. They are unhealthy only when eaten regularly or eaten in excess. They are irresistible and eating them is enjoyable.

2) Some are pretending to be healthy. E.g. An artificial fruit beverage is fortified with Vitamin C. A little added nutrient in a mixture of water, colors, preservatives and artificial flavorings cannot be called healthy.

3) They are addictive. Delicious foods are addictive like a dangerous illegal drug. Anyone keep craving for more. Feel like heaven when eating it and feel like hell when not.

4) They are hidden. How? a) Intentionally not declaring an ingredient on a food package. E.g. not declaring sodium metabisulfite cause its use is discourage. b) Use of general term. E.g. stating the word “meat” as ingredient. Anyone will never know whether it is pork, beef, chicken or carabeef. In worst cases, some manufacturers just use the word “preservative”. 3) The use of other processed food as ingredient. E.g. bread crumbs, soy sauce, vinegar, catsup and mayonnaise. Each product mentioned is made up of ingredients the consumer will never know.

5) Situation calls for it. what are you going to do when you are in a gathering like fiesta, birthday party and wedding. You should not be picky if the food choices are limited.

6) Camaraderie. Friends keep on insisting you to join the alcohol drinking session. You never want them to get angry. Granting their demand will guarantee a smooth sailing relationship.

7) Lack of discipline. Perhaps it is the main and worst reason.

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