The Zero Trans Fat Declaration

The zero trans fat .  What do this sign means? This zero not necessarily mean zero.  Food products which contains less than 0.5g trans fat  can claim zero grams trans fat on their label.  The declaration is allowed due to fact that trans fat in small amount is hard to measure.

In case a person consume ten foods with zero grams trans fat a day. He may end up in consuming 5 grams trans fat a day to its maximum possible value.  American Health Association  recommends 2 gram trans fat limit.  Considering the above scenario, he is consuming 3 grams in excess.


What is the big deal in consuming it in excess?

Trans fat may contribute to coronary heart disease by raising the level of  LDL, the bad cholesterol and lowering  HDL, the good cholesterol.

Trans fat may also contribute to development of :

– Alzheimer’s disease

– cancer

– diabetes

– obesity

– liver dysfunction

– infertility

That’s scary. How can I avoid trans fat?

Here are the sources of trans fat.  Try to avoid them if you want.

– Animal fat such as cattle and sheep . Range from 2- 5%

– Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils contains up to 45%.  Hydrogenation increases oil shelf life. It also increases shelf life of fast foods, snacks, fried foods and baked products.  How about human life ? Can it increase human life?  I don’t think so!

– Bakery shortening contains up to 40% trans fat.

– Butter equals 4%.

– Margarine may contain up to 15% .


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