Determination of Alcohol Content


Follow this steps if you want to measure alcohol contents of the following products for labeling or quality assurance purposes.

Balimbing Wine
Dragon Fruit Cider
Coconut Lambanog

1. Fill 250 ml wine solution into ball flask. Fit into distillation setup. See the setup in Distillation of Lambanog.

2. Turn on the heating mantle. Set the heat high enough to allow boiling of alcohol. Collect about 100 ml distillate.


3. Get the reading in proof using alcohol hydrometer.


4. Compute as follows:

alcohol calculation

Where Vd is volume of distillate while Vs is volume of sample in ml.

5.Pure alcohol like lambanog and nuetral grain spirit can be measured directly with hydrometer without the need for distillation.


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  • I think this is very informative mostly for the small scale wine brewers who are new in the market. Thanks

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