Four Reasons Why Compare Different Recipes and Methods

I am going to conduct an array of Kjeldahl Nitrogen  and Moisture Determination activities. I am downloading and reading methods recommended by different organizations. I have gotten more than five procedures each of the same type but still looking for more. I am comparing every procedures, for the following reasons:

1) All of the downloaded files are basically the same but they are uploaded at different times. Methods may changed through the work of different experts. I might find a significant improvement. The use of less chemicals, cheaper reagents or more affordable equipment.

2) Some files are easier to interpret than others, rewritten for better understanding. A recipe with very specific ingredient listing and more elaborate step-by-step instructions. An analytical procedure in translated in less technical manner.

3) Additional information. Safety precautions such as careful handling of sulfuric acid. Proper waste disposal. Other uses – the same Kjeldahl method for determining chlorophyll content and caffeine. A general nata recipe for coconut, kalabasa, mango and banana.

4) Merging of data. It happened to me several times when I cannot made a food product perfectly. Several tries produced the same failed results. Eventually, I managed getting what I want by reading methods from other sources.


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