Pushing Forward | Initial Parts of Grinding Machine Prototype

I should have gotten this before mid of last December. However, the sheet metal fabricator took about a month of Christmas break. I couldn’t do a thing but wait. After that long, I finally got these two T304 stainless steel pieces but the other parts are still missing. I was confused. The office said my job order was finished. I travelled back an forth for about five hours. I paid the whole amount. Then I found out that my order was only half finished. I surely need another itinerary pick-up the other half.

t304 stainless grinder parts one

t304 stainless grinder parts three


t304 stainless grinder parts two

Okay! What passed is passed. These two parts are in my possession. I can commence doing other activities like polishing, drawing the grinding frame and finding local welding shop to build the frame. There would be lesser work when I got the rest…

More patience to complete the prototype.

This is a follow-up post of my two previous articles, the “Designing My Own Cocoa Grinder” and “Prototyping the Actual Grinding Machine” respectively.


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