My First 3D Printer

Finally I got my first 3d printer. It was not working perfectly out of the box. The other with that features cost ten folds more. What I acquired was a starter tinker kit. It had all the parts and materials to get started with but I had to do the assembly, testing and calibration by myself. It was okay. Tinkering is my kind of thing.

I was reading the manual and watching videos while assembling parts slowly and carefully. Often looking back and check to make sure all were in right place.

After one and half day of diligence. I powered the machine for the first time with no problem. No smoking and failing electronic component. My only problem so far was the hard to adjust belt. I think I must make modification very soon. I ran auto leveling several times and adjusting belt tension in between.

No test print yet. The free filament is too short for testing.

What is 3d printer for? Is it usefull for blogging? Not really but it will help me a lot in machine prototyping.

I remember the days when I was creating first cocoa bean cracker prototype. I often spending long time in machine shop for a custom part. Next day testing. Then re-design. A day in machine shop again. Or cutting and filing the part manually. It saved on service cost but often result to inaccurate part.

This machine will help me beat those hurdles.

delta printer

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