A Machine Producing Water from Air (and Electricity)

Amazed with a machine that is able to produce water by using nothing but air (plus costly electricity)?

From television news, WaterBoy is a machine that draws air and convert it to drinking water. It can produce 30 liters water a day, depending on relative humidity and running time. It is ideal for disaster affected areas where the source of drinking water is often a problem.

From yugatech, it was mentioned, the price of single unit is a little over 100,000 and expected to last for 15 years. A commenter said, the electricity cost for producing a liter of water is about 6 pesos.

Did I hear it right? Good for disaster affected areas? Do they know that whenever a calamity occurs, electricity is often lost. Good if it can power itself. An expensive single unit can only produce 30 liters which is surely not enough for hundred evacuees. Delivery of bottled water plus other edibles is a much better alternative.

A machine producing water from air is not a new technology. Liquid water evaporates to water vapor with warm temperature, then goes back to liquid again when condition becomes cold. What the machine does is facilitate the cooling of water vapor in air and collect it in a protected chamber, a condensation process.

The dew from night to early morning is a result of condensation. The same is true with water dripping from the back of airconditioners.

Examples of ways to collect water from air are by means of dew collector and air well. The methods were used in water scarce areas such as desserts.

Similar equipment is being offered by other companies such as EcoBlue, Atmos H2O and Fast Company (brand dewpointe). The latter noted it is not suitable for developing countries where fresh water is sufficient.

air to water generators

Atlantis Solar approach is different. They are offering solar cell systems so the unit can be powered by cheaper energy. They have mobile units intended for disaster affected areas. It is solar electricity operated so blackout is not a problem.

We are not ready for this, unless we have a real cheap electricity source. It might be worth buying if the price equates to an airconditioning unit.


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