A Bulb That Drives Away Flies and Bugs | again

anti flies cfl

I bought the bulb in haze when I saw illustration implying it can drive away mosquitoes and flies. About 220 pesos for a CFL type bulb painted with yellow. I doubted it can but there was a claim, it emits a spectrum that drives away such insects.

For testing, I installed it in kitchen area with the hope of eliminating flies. Soon after, flies still come and go. The same was observed afterwards. It was not effective.

I came over the label again and discovered the effectivity range is only one meter around the CFL. I stopped, thinking it should be installed in every one square meter space, or on every insect entry point. Such a waste. Installing screen doors and windows is way better than this.

After… It was just a coincidence. I bought a carry around reading lamp. Something that could be conviniently installed and use anyhere. The idea popped in my mind. Why not test the yellow CFL again. This time I can place it in proximity with the food of test.

… setup…

anti flies cfl

Few flies are still coming but none are staying. Verdict, fail. Though it has the tendency of driving away flies, the few that were able to break thru are enough to carry contamination.


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