Removing Paint Odor from the Newly Delivered Baking Oven


An imported good looking oven (perhaps, good performing too) cost around 150 thousand pesos. A locally manufactured version with almost the same capacity is way way cheaper. A jaw dropping price of only 12,000 thousand pesos for 4 trays oven. So I settled for the latter. I was hoping I could make it work for my purpose with few minor tweaks. However, I am still planning to acquire the more expensive one once the budget become friendlier.

So it arrived and I was a bit excited. I can never use it yet however due to strong paint odor. The delivery guy told us, they finished it late morning and it was sent for delivery right after (and they made us wait up to 10 pm). They added, we need to fend off the odor first by placing a cup of vinegar inside and letting it stand for few days, else, our few first baked products will exhibit foul odor. His idea contradicted what I have in mind. I was thinking of putting some fresh charcoal. Its activated carbon will surely scavenge most of undesirable aroma.


I followed what the guy said. They are oven makers, so I expected they know what they recommended. I removed all the tray racks including the metal sheet divider in between flame and lower tray rack. Their smell will cease faster if dried outside our terrace. Then I put a cup of vinegar inside and let the oven unused for one whole week. I fired it up after the period and the foul smell are all gone.

Oven ready for first use.


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