Baking oven, usage instructions and safety

I have a 4 trays baking oven at home.  I am using it for my small cacao processing business. I chose the small one not because it is the capacity I need. I opted for it for quality control reasons. It is much much easier to control the temperature of 2 to 4 trays oven. However, this is not an issue for forced convection types.  A stream of air is continuously injected to even the temperature from top to bottom and from left to right.

Enough of the small talk. Let us get to the main business, the tips, tricks and safety.

1) The oven is not equipped with ignition switch. You have to light it by ensuring the oven gas knob is turned closed, then, opening the gas source, placing a stove lighter near the burner and slowly opening the oven gas knob.

2) It has no pilot lamp. You must light it again in case the gas supply is accidentally cut. However, before doing this, you must set the gas knob close, open the burner door including the house windows to  free up the accumulated gas.

3) Avoid touching the oven door. They are hot and will cause burns. In case you accidentally got a first degree burn, remedy it it quickly by scrubbing with soap or toothpaste.  Seek a doctor for second degree burns and up.

4) Keep the children away while the oven is in operation. You do not want them to get hurt.

6) Lower rack gets hotter than the upper. The  dial type thermometer is only and indicator of upper rack temperature. How you play with this fact is extremely up to you. If yours have a tempered glass door, you can place an oven thermometer on each rack to monitor temperatures more accurately.

7) I preheat it slowly and keep the doors closed after use, again, cooling slowly. It is just my gist. My gut is telling me it is the right thing to do.

8) Use heat resistant gloves to avoid hand scorches. Set up a fan facing away from oven door but facing your pretty face. Open the fan before door operation (turn it off after). That is to prevent the rush of heat to your upper body.

9) I find opening and closing the burner door a cheap way to control heat rather that frequent knob turning. Setting up a pilot lamp, micro-controller kit and a solenoid valve is a more techie way to do it. I’ll save it for later of course.


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