The Nice But Moldy Bamboo Stick Stirrer

Too bad, these nicely crafted bamboo sticks are moldy. If not, they are good for stirring cup of hot beverages like coffee, tea and chocolate. These sticks are really meant for stirring hot drinks, specially coffee. Far better the plastic version.

bamboo sticks stirrer

The popular counterpart is made of plastic, usually color red. Discarded after one use. Thin and small but regular use and dumping will add to plastic disposal problem in the long run. Usage of bamboo sticks is a nice idea. Bamboo is biodegradable.

The not so good side.

As you can see on picture. Bamboo sticks are covered with molds. Perhaps it has been stored in a high moisture cabinet. It absorbed sufficient amount of water and became conducive to fungal growth. Washing and or sterilizing might remove the molds away but will surely left undesirable flavors.

If it can absorb substances produced by molds, then it can also take in other nearby chemicals. If stored near hot pepper powder, then it might contribute a slightly pepper taste to next cup of tea.

Way back, we were using fallen mango tree branches for stirring cup of coffee. Dry and small branches were chosen. Scraped with sharp knife removing the powdery bark and other foreign matters. Used it for stirring boiled coffee and sugar. Then discard it after.



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