MAGIS 2.0 | Machine For Determining Double Dead Meats And Other Improperly Handled Meats

Animal raisers and meat traders continue to sell double dead meats in spite of strict authority’s eye. I wonder if implementation is really strict. Maybe a heavy punishment is going to help.

In order to facilitate the seizing of badly slaughtered meats, ten high school students of Dr. Yanga’s College, Bocaue Bulacan invented the MAGIS Version 2.0 or Meats Anti-germ Inspection Solution. Students who invented the flood detector machine also came from this college. [courtesy of tv5]

The machine was made of stainless steel, aluminum and acrylic plastic. Equipped with a color and temperature sensor. Any with a higher temperature value than expected will be rejected and declared as unsafe for human consumption. Similar technique applies to color sensor, any meat with deviating color will be rejected.

I hope the machine was designed to handle various meat types, not only pork. Beef, pork, chicken, mutton, veal and others have different color characteristics.

I think the invention is useful for a continuous in-line inspection or the 100 percent inspection of meats  in large factories. For random home and market inspection, a simple thermometer for determining temperature is very handy and any unwanted color can be seen with naked eye. The temperature sensor is useless when meat is previously chilled.

Adding an odor sensor is going make the machine more useful. Odor is a good spoilage indicator. Human nose can tell bad smelling meats but an electronic nose is far more sensitive and accurate.

The student inventors are going to United States to participate in the World Lego League this coming April. Good luck!

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  1. i would like to know how i can get such machine or who’s the supplier/dealer for that technology.
    thank you and your quick answer is highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    1. Please inquire at Dr. Yanga’s College since the inventors came from them. Contact numbers can be found on their website [] !

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