Brittle and Non Heat Resitant Plastic Wares

I inspected this plastic bowl over and over again. No any deformations found. I fitted it with bowl of the same type. The two are perfectly the same in terms of shape and appearance.

brittle bowlplastic blowlsemi-ceramic bowlShe bought the two semi-ceramic plastic bowl from nearby public market. I think she got the two for 20 pesos. She bought it for the one and only reason, cheap.

I called it semi-ceramic cause it has the brittleness of ceramic wares but too thin and light like plastic wares. Maybe it should be called plastic-ceramic. I’m not sure about it. Please enlighten me!

It tend to break upon drop but more resistant than ceramic due to lightness. The design wash away easily with repeated cleaning. Scrubbing pad causes shallow but numerous scratches. It results to design erasure  and clinging of hard to remove dirt.  Old dirty wares of this type often ends in garbage bin.

Why I inspected it for deformities?

She has the habit of two-in-one food reheating. Placing the old dish in bowl, then on top of old rice, covering and reheating on lpg stove.

She told me that it softened after reheating. Ouch! Some chemicals might have migrated to ginatang labong. Thank goodness, there was no noticeable change in flavor and aroma. We ate it as if nothing happened.

I can’t believed the bowl had no deformations.

Maybe this cheap bowl was included in Ecowaste Coalition warning list. Some cheap bowls from other country which are not recommended for food applications. It might contain toxic substances that might transfer to food.

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