The Manually Operated Can Sealing Machine

Guess how much this manual can sealing machine cost! It is a manually operated instrument but looks very sturdy and reliable.  It can seal tin cans of varying sizes. A sample sealed by it can be seen behind. Adjustments and accessory replacement are necessary to seal smaller size cans. Perhaps other parts need to be purchased separately as I never see them somewhere near.

manual can sealing machineProvided that all accessories and adjustments are available and done, the success of sealing depends on two factors. The rotation speed exerted on wheel and the force applied to lift the can toward the seam forming mechanism. Higher rotational speed provides more efficient force to fold the can lid together with the cover to form a hermetic seal.  It is like a piece of broomstick (piraso ng walis tingting) able to pierce a tough jackfruit rind when shoot at high speed (with a bow) but is likely to break if manually and slowly delivered. The other concern, lowering the force used to turn the lower lever may cause incomplete faulty seam.

rotating the lower lever to lift the canOperating the can sealer is not hard to learn but it needs a dedicated worker for fast production with less faults.

Please correct me if my assessments are wrong!

The machine roughly cost 147,000 pesos. Manufactured my Automatic Canning Devices, WIS, USA


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