Yet Another Place to Buy Real Cheap Kitchen Essentials

I bought my one and only five kilogram capacity digital scale on That was 500 pesos including the delivery fee. It was the cheapest I found. The common laboratory type scales often costs more than 20,000 pesos while digital kitchen scale was uncommon. I have no idea about the price of the latter but they are sure expensive.

About a year ago, I found the same type and brand of electronic scaleĀ  in CD-R King branch. The price was not 500 but a stunning 290 pesos.The shop that is selling blank CDs, DVD and other computer accessories ventured into selling kitchen equipment.

This morning, I entered CD-R King Trece Martires City and amazed on what I saw. They already have several brands and type of weighing scales, rice cookers of varying sizes, microwave oven, oven toaster, bread toaster and induction cooker. All of them are being sold for jaw-dropping low prices.

bread toasters induction cooker and casserole with cover rice cookers


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