Chemical, Glassware and Instrument Evaluation Checklist

I listed some pointers to follow in selecting glassware, equipment, chemical reagents, chemical preservatives or natural ingredients offered by several manufacturers.

test tubes wooden spoons glass jars strainerFirst and foremost is the quality. Is the glassware made of strong borosilicate glass? Is the chemical reagent/preservative of high purity. Is the equipment durable, dependable and give accurate results. If the answer is yes, then include it to your list of candidates.

Second is the pricing. The reagent might be of high purity but it will take gold in exchange. Most of the time an average cost equipment will do the same or even better than more expensive brands.

Availability. Consider the time and effort that will be spent to get the product close to you. An imported versus locally made. An in-town versus out-of-town. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy more expensive product from local stores. A certain product become more expensive as it travels.

Exchange policy. Is the merchant willing to replace defective products? Make this matter clear beforehand. Any defective item that cannot be exchanged are losses.

Service warranty. Is the supplier willing to repair the equipment in case of incidental failures. Know their terms well cause some might have hidden policies that might make you scratch your head.

I was tired of evaluating 30 items offered by different suppliers. I took a short break and wrote this.

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