How Instant Coffee Vendo Machine Works

Getting coffee from the instant coffee vendo machine is very simple. Insert a five peso coin in a coin slot then press the flavor of choice (flavor select). A hot paper cup drops immediately and pouring of hot liquid follows. Get your purchase and go wherever you want.

coffee vendo machine front panel.jpg

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My company was interested in buying a unit. She wanted to see the inside components. It was good the staff was very accommodating. She got the key, opened the front panel and began explaining.

The powder dispensers. A unit can accommodate a total of three dispensers but this demo unit had only two. It pours a measured amount of powder whenever a flavor selection button is pressed. Each  can be removed with ease for powder refilling. It was not clear if the amount of instant powder being dispensed could be adjusted or not.

vendo coffee machine internal parts

Hot water dispensers. Three separate tubes with cup for catching instant powder. The water flows from a reservoir to heating coil down to selected tube, getting the powder in cup before settling down in paper cup.

Maintenance is done by machine supplier.

coffee vending machine 12k


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