Thoughts on Use of Electronic Insect Killer

electronic insect killer

Have you ever considered buying an electronic device for getting rid of household pest such as flies and mosquitoes? The gadget in the picture? Well. Think again!

electronic insect killer

The operation is simple. The device has two photocatalyst lights which attract insects such as mosquitoes, flies and the likes. In front are two set of electrically loaded steel mesh that electrocute every touching insect.

It said ultraviolet light. Dangerous? It is not like they are selling products harmful to human health. It is not the type of light use for sterilization purposes of water and laboratory rooms.

It seemed pretty effective at first. Touching insects creates a mini explosion every time. Reduction of flies inside the house was very significant. It was like listening to mini firework show.

However, it never attracts all the insect inside the room. Still many are roaming around freely as if there was no insect killer near. It killed many in the first and second day, but fewer and fewer on next consecutive days.

There is a disgusting smell when fly is trapped in between steels. It sparks until the poor insect is burnt releasing the foul smell.  The bottom insect collector is a good idea. It was built to catch all electrocuted insects, prevent mess and provide easy cleaning. However, that is not the case. Insects sometimes fall to catcher, sometimes not, sometimes on floor just beside the device, sometimes a foot away. It is creating another mess while popping down unwanted visitors.

If you are looking for an effective insect control. Then this product is not for you. It is still better to have sealed room with screen windows, door wipes and air curtain. And for the last line of protection, a trap composing of blue light and small water reservoir may do. They are elegant and won’t burn any trap insect. Just be sure to clean them regularly.

Maintain cleanliness. Clean all food debris and other matter that may attract flies.

After few more days of use, I noticed it is effective when the room is darkened and positioned near where pests usually stays.

If you are going to prepare some food. I suggest closing all entry points. Darkening the room. Placing the insect killer in proper location. Turning it on and waiting a while until most of the flies are eradicated. Then cleaning all the mess thoroughly.


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