Second Quick Trip To Raon

After testing and knowing the snail blower I bought is working great as suction for winnowing cocoa and at the same time as colloid mill cooler. I thought I need two units, one for each machine.

Right after winnowing, I am quickly transferring the blower fan on mill to commence grinding process. If both machines have it, They can work simultaneously and greatly reduce processing time. I can even set the winnowing output to flow directly to mill hopper, reducing manpower. It is like I’m catching two birds with one trap.

The snail blower I got was a surplus. A new of the same model is available online but almost five times more expensive. Not to mention the plus cost of custom tax and shipping fee. I thought I would have more use of money going back to where I bought it. And perhaps see other useful materials to play with.

I directly went to vendor where I bought it. It was already out of stock but still lucky to find the same from other sellers. I bought the last two. Tested other blower fan options but ended up getting the previous model. I never felt like experimenting with other options for the time being.

In case I never found the same model, I would still be happy to buy other option and do testing.

turbo fan min and dc geared motor

I also bought a 12 volts DC geared motor and few small brushless fans. The first will be used for reducing the footprint of cocoa bean cracker prototype while the second is for forcing air circulation inside refrigerator.

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