FMC TASTE and Rough Overview of Juice Concentration Process

Got an interesting tech when I went to my friends house. My purpose was gathering some information about the equipment from our previous work. The large and tall evaporator. It was really tall, about as tall as three story building. Someone asked me  if I can dig few useful information regarding its real name and how it works.

He gave me a printed folder. A little information about the evaporator was there. The device is FMC TASTE. The last word means “thermally accelerated short-time evaporation”, not the sense of taste. According to Pure and Rich, the evaporator works on juice pasteurization and stabilization to allow end products that are tailor-made to suit client specifications on sugar content. It permits a concentration of up to 67/75 brix in a total cycle time of two hours and 30 minutes.

Here is a rough overview of juice concentration process using FMC TASTE. The juice is fed to machine until a certain degree brix is reached, 15B. Collected and brought immediately to blast freezing. That is a quick freezing intended for thermal shock killing unwanted microbes. The process is repeated until the desired concentration is achieved.

The equipment has condenser for collecting juice essential oils. The package concentrate, usually in drums are sold together with specific number of bottled essential oils. It should be added back during reconstitution process.

The technology is not perfect or maybe it was the operator who was not. There were instances when a burnt concentrate came out. It cannot function well during rains. The puree coming out are less viscous than normal. It is believed the rain is to penetrate the system. Maybe not. Maybe the real cause = rain water is cooling the evaporator thus reducing its ability.

To know more about FMC taste, kindly type the keyword on google search box.

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