Grinder Assembly | Arrival of Mild Steel Parts

I got the second half of grinder parts I set for cutting. Unlike the first two which are T304 Stainless Steel, these are only made of mild steel. Generally not recommended for contact with food materials. Mild steel is prone to rusting. When it rusts and contacts with food, then the latter will be contaminated. A food flavored with rust. grinder mild steel parts Like I said, it is a prototype project. The base and top cover are more or less 99% permanent and won’t be subjected to any revision. The internal mild steel parts are for experimentation. The final parts after testing will be all made of stainless steel. A fitting equipment for grinding cocoa. I was very impressed with how the stainless steel materials were made. The surface are already smooth and shiny and will be glass-like after buffing. The edges and holes were perfectly cut. Mild steel is afar. Okay, that is mild steel. However, I was expecting a perfectly cut edges. Laser cutter cuts perfectly based from what I see on stainless steel and from what others said. The cut dimensions were close to accuracy but the sides seem to have corrugation. Finishing it with sand paper is an option but it will take me too long and it will be out of specifications for sure. grinder mild steel parts corrugated edges It seems what the other fabricator suggested was more appropriate. He recommended to crude cut the ordinary steel part and finish it in a machine shop. Laser cutting is expensive. Long laser exposure of nine mm thick steel plate might have cause edges to melt resulting to corrugation and ugly appearance. At least I know what to do next time.┬áNo time to waste. I should proceed with the assembly.

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