Using Joy Charcoal Stove Indoor

She was about to cook a meal for dinner when the lpg tank got empty. How unfortunate! It was raining badly. My persistent cough and cold were almost cured. I never wanted running under the rain and found myself worst again.

Good thing we have the charcoal stove. I am occasionally using it for roasting meat and fish outside. I think using it indoor was not a good idea. It was going to produce lots of smoke. Smoke that might stain our interior and appliances with prolong use.

I still had to resort to using charcoal stove. My health was the priority. Got some leftover charcoal from mom’s wood stove. Fill the charcoal stove reservoir to almost full and started the fire with pieces of scratch papers. Smoke, which I was worrying about came out. It didn’t matter as long as we have meal for dinner.

I placed on the cauldron of rice first. The smoke emission continued for about five minutes but ceased eventually as I turned the air inlet closer. Well, it is just a matter of practice to prevent it from staining our house.

I managed cooking rice, rice milk and reheating the vegetable dish. Almost one fourth of the charcoal load was left. I closed the air inlet and covered it to save the remaining for the next cooking.

rice cauldron on charcoal stoverice milk on charcoal stoveI am thinking of using it more often.

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