Induction Cooker, To Save or Spend More

induction cooker control panel

I was wondering at first how could an induction cooker be more economical than lpg powered gas stove. We are always afraid of high electricity bills that we minimize usage of every electric consuming devices. One of the hungriest machine is electric gas stove. Maybe we are bound to this belief that we are blind and deaf to new technologies.

induction cooker control panel

If we take a look at wattage. We will immediately say it is indeed power hungry. About 2,000 watts or more. On the other hand, induction cooker works like microwave oven. It rapidly heats the food and is ready within minutes.

Induction cooker with compatible vessel, the induction coil acts directly on vessel producing heat, which then quickly transferred to food being cooked. Based on our experience, cooking times of various menus were reduced to a quarter, sometimes lesser. We feel no accumulation of heat in kitchen area. Unlike gas stove where we can feel the warmth midway up to end.

Here is our setup. We cook light meal for two adults and two kids in the morning. It usually includes lunch and hot water for coffee. Then another meal for dinner.

After two months of use, our electrity bill went up by 200 pesos, average. With the same cooking setup, we are using one LPG tank for two months. That’s about 100 peso savings assuming the price of regular lpg tank is 500 pesos. More savings could be realized during lpg price hike.

I can’t conclude yet wether we saved or spent more. I think it needs more months of observation.


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