Infrared For Temperature Monitoring

There are reasons to switch from glass mercury thermometer to digital thermometer with stainless steel rod as sensor. The latter gives an easy to read digital reading. It is sturdy, unlikely to break and never contaminate the food with glass particles.

If the glass thermometer broke into the food, the mercury will mix into it. Then, there is only one action left, that is discarding the whole batch. Letting the food with broken glass and mercury will bring hazards to customers.

For the techie food processors, this another type of thermometer should be a part of high-end gadgets. The tool is like a laser gun, emitting red light when the button is pressed. Then releasing will give a digital temperature reading of the surface where the red dot strikes. It is a contactless thermometer, easy to use and won’t impart any contamination to food being cooked.

infrared thermometer

Dipping it to food due to craziness is of another issue.

measuring aicon temperature with infrared

measuring wall temperature with infrared


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