ITDI: Available Technologies, Equipment and Modules

1) Alternative Sugar from Coco/Nipa Sap
– more hygienic method of collection
– modified cooking such as us of double jacketed kettle to prevent scorching

2) Ceramic Pot Filter
– a water filtration system that uses the a.k.a. ceramic pot
– looks like an ordinary and transparent water jug with ceramic filter in top.
– has anti-bacterial agent.
– the drinking water quality conforms with Philippine National Standards for drinking water

3) Small-scale Water Purification System for the Countryside
– portable system
– easy to fabricate and operate
– low investment
– use of locally produced high adsorbing activated carbon
– use of indigenous materials for ceramic filters
– can purify tap water, deep well water and raw water with up to 5% silts into potable water that is safe for drinking
– can deliver 10L of potable water per hour per batch
– pass the criteria set by the Philippine National Standards for drinking water in terms of microbiological and chemical analysis

4) Water Retort for Thermal Processing
– equipped with stainless steel trays, digital temperature control, automatic system and water spray with counter pressure
– 800% savings compared to same imported device
– efficient
– convenient, lightweight and easy to open
– 80% waste reduction, environment friendly

5) Modified Wet Process for Virgin Coconut Oil Production
– high resistance against spoilage
– retains natural vitamin E
– low free fatty acid and peroxide value, low rancidity
– as clear as clean water
– high percentage coconut oil yield

6) ITDI Thermal Processing Enterprise Module
It may include steam retort, steam jacketed kettle, exhaust box, can sealer, water immersion retort, de-kernelling machine and  plastic sealer

7) Enterprise Module: Acetator Vinegar Production
– for natural vinegar production
– accelerates traditional vinegar production process
– easy operation
– space saver
– low start volume
– seven days initial start-up period
– daily harvest of output
– process sugary ingredients to vinegar such as mango spent syrup, sugar cane, pineapple wastes and other peels and coconut water

8) ITDI Dehydration Enterprise Module
It may include drum dryer, vacuum dryer, spray drier, cabinet dryer, three-way centrifuge, screw press and related stuffs.

9) ITDI Fruit Juice Processing Enterprise Module
It may include: pulper finisher, centrifuge, hydraulic press, steam jacketed kettle/mixer, basket centrifuge, manual filling machine and walk-in storage freezer.

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  1. Ours is fresh wet method using a centrifuge to extract the Natural Virgin Coconut Oil. Data obtained during our test run of the plant would show that we can produce around 350 liters of VCO a day production. With this average volume of production per day, what equivalent vacuum dryer capacity will you recommend.

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