A Yellow Lamp That Drives Away Insects


Another promising invention that I spotted. A mosquito repelling bulb. My question was, was it really promising or just another bogus product.

I think it was better than insect killer. Its function is to repel them from entering our home. No flying insects, no dead insects and no disgusting burnt insect smell.


Its a CFL type lamp with yellow coating. It filters out the UV light and emits 546 mm spectrum which is known to drive away mosquitoes and other insect pests. Yes, the salesboy told me it is effective against mosquitoes and other insects. I am guessing the sunflower as natural control against plant pests works the same way.

Note: It has the same energy saving features of an ordinary CFL. It cannot replace white CFL bulbs for reading the working purposes though. It is comparable to yellow colored dim light.

I bought one for testing. When I got home I plugged it hazily in one of the receptacle and turned the switch on.

Drayaaannnnnn! No insects were driven away. Strange! I inspected the label again and saw the effective range is only two meters, and only two meters. What the….

If only I read it carefully before. Then I would not have ended owning another piece of junk.

Okay! No insects are coming in close proximity to the light. But, I have no plan of installing it in every two meters radius..


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