The Melanger Now Runs on Solar Energy

solar panel

As usual, like other electronic items I ordered, the solar panel came in a basic kit. Enough to get me started going off grid. I love to do the installation myself and also saving some labor. Imagine, the installation fee was 30% of kit cost.

It took me a day of testing all of the components integrity. Powering a LED bulb on second day. Running a laptop and 3D printer on third day. Then my ultimate goal on the fourth day. Running the chocolate melanger. It powered up nice and smooth.

At the moment we already depleted our cacao stock. I run the melanger empty for only 30 minutes. I could only run that long because running it on empty load is not ideal. I am expecting at least full eight hours run on good sunny days and five hours extension at night. Testing other production equipment will follow.

I think I should put on the product label something like this, “Made using renewable energy source, solar electricity”.

Having solar power system is not only about savings. It gives you the option to continue regular manufacturing process during line power outage. Because you own one, you never completely depends on local electric provider.


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