Featuring the Hot Jar Lifter

The metal skeleton in the picture is a jar lifter. It is more appropriate to call it a hot jar lifter. If the batch of hot jars from a pressure canner are to be cooled immediately, a thick rubber glove is needed to transfer them to a cold batch with ease. Or, this hot jar lifter will help to the job even faster.

the hot jar lifterWhere did I find this cheap but very useful tool?

I found it in place where I never expected it to be. I drove her to Tagaytay Mendez crossing to buy some kitchen utensils for the upcoming baptismal of our baby girl. I found it in Novo, it was included in front sale items of the bargain store. I got excited and bought one cause it is similar to jar lifter illustrated on USDA Complete Guide to Home Canning. I am sure it will be useful for my future experiments.

The following pictures demonstrate how to use the jar lifter.

holding the jar lifterjar lifter in action

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