Preparing Mild Ginger Tea in Microwave Oven, a test run…

We have an American Home brand microwave oven at home. We never intended buying it. We will never do even if we have lots of spare money. It was a winning from an office-based raffle.

microwave oven timerWe rarely use it. Sometimes cooking popcorn, reheating foods and boiling a cup of water. It is believed that non-usage of electric appliances lead to failure. On the other hand, too much use might also lead to the same circumstance plus more electric bill.

The real reason why we rarely use it? The power rating on its back is scary. It is rated 2000 watts. This microwave oven is against our electricity saving policy, only use equipment with least or reasonable wattage.

Is using microwave oven cost more or less? Here is a very simple computation.

I prepared a mild ginger tea. A small ginger piece was thinly sliced and placed in cup half-filled with water. It was then heated in microwave oven for 2 minutes at medium high setting.

If I am going to used the oven at full setting for one hour, then the power consumption will be two kilowatts. That will cost me 16 pesos based on my estimated eight pesos per Kw, computed from our monthly electricity bill.

The per minute consumption is 34 watts. I used 2 minutes in preparing mild ginger tea. That will be 68 watts which cost only 0.272 centavos. An additional 8.16 pesos on monthly bill if I gonna prepare it on daily basis.

One hour daily used might yield an average of 480 pesos per month.

I think a two-minutes daily tea preparation is fine!


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