The Unbreakable Polycarbonate Bulb Broke


My daughter accidentally did what I hesitated to do. Test the unbreakable LED bulb to its limit. While playing with his older brother, she pushed the cabinet, where the portable lampshade was sitting. It was unplugged at that time. It fell to cemented floor from a height of about three meters. The supposed unbreakable light bulb broke. It broke to halves. The protective plastic covering separated from the electronic assembly.


With my fingers crossed, I tested the led assembly without the cover. It worked. No noticeable change in light brightness. Unlike the CFL and incandescent bulb, its cover has nothing to do to with the glow. It is meant to imitate the old incandescent shape and protect its element from external forces. Also, prevents careless humans from electrocution.

It contains no mercury, I guess. Additional point to its environmental friendliness. Consuming significantly less electricity is first in the list. I read somewhere about the E-waste movement. Making the parts, biodegradable – if possible, will make it more inclined toward the project.

The polycarbonate cover has no cracks and dents. I threw it on the floor and it just bounced like a ball. I took it outside and hit with hammer. I managed a dent but still no cracks.

The bulb weakness were the joints connecting the two parts together. They were thin, about a quarter of ordinary toothpick. The fall was hard enough to separate the two components. The bulb maker could look at this component for improvement.


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