The Portable 1.5 KW Wet and Dry Milling Machine

I know it is not the best grinder out there, nor it is near the average. It is not the machine I wanted but what can I do? I am still saving money for the grinder I designed myself but the current one I have is starting to fail. I need an immediate replacement to get the job done while my saving is not enough to acquire the expensive machine.

My criteria should be. A grinder suitable for wet milling. I should have an affordable price that it wouldn’t do a big cut from my bank. A provision for easy cleaning is a plus. However, this was an immediate need and temporary replacement. I shouldn’t be picky.

I never had the luxury to roam around Divisoria, Binondo, Raon and anywhere within the Metro to look for what I need. The two friends that helped me were the countries two most popular selling site, the and

I found three portable mill options. The same mill type which were price 5,000K, 5,900K and 6,200K respectively. I chose the most expensive of the three. The seller is a legal business and the motor he offered was 1.5 KW. It surely has an extra kick compared to 0.75KW.

grinder motor

The electric mill arrived. The box dimensions is roughly 12x12x18 inches. The assembled machine goes a litter taller due to stand and hopper.

portable grinding machine

It has three basic parts. (1) The 1.5 KW motor. It is suddenly moving an inch sideward upon powering on. I guess it won’t come short on power. (2) The grinding head. It is directly connected to motor using just three screws. Within the head are metal grinding plates which are replaceable by stone burrs. (3) Grinding teeth. The default teeth installed was a pair of metal burrs. I managed replacing it easily with the free stone burrs. (4) The plastic cone hopper. (5) Stand. A crudely made stand which I think is not enough to support the whole machine weight.

Good points.

> Low cost. For the price of only 7,000 pesos is a 1.5 KW capacitor start motor and three pairs of grinding teeth, two stone burrs and one metal. Stones are for wet milling and metal is for dry grinding.



metal grinding plate

> Compact and lightweight. It weighs only 28 kg. It is easy to transport.

> Has room for improvements. Example: I can add a bearing to make it more durable, fabricate a new stainless steel grinding head to make it more hygienic.

> Easy disassembly. The grinding head could be disassembled and put back together within 10 minutes. This feature makes cleaning easy.

Bad points.

> Stand construction is not sturdy enough to support the rest of the machine.

portable mill stand

> The metal burr and driving screw are not well machined. It wiggle while running. It was significantly reduced after replacing with grinding stone. DIY machining of driving screw further reduced the wiggling.

> The grinding head assembly is made of cast iron metal. The type that easily get rust. It needs a rigorous cleaning before and after use.

grinding head

Well I am giving this machine a maximum service life of six months unless I made some customization.



  • Hi! Im a student and currently conducting some research on what kind of grinding machine should i used in making bilo-bilo balls(glutinous rice balls) and what specifications does it need. and as im reading the convo of you and mayan, im a little bit interested with soya grinder. what is the speed of the motor was used on that grinder sir?

    • soya grinder will do with no problems as long as you soak the rice well in water before grinding, and feed it with continuous water flow. The usual motor speed is 1700 rpm. No need for adjustment.

  • Again, thank you so much!

  • I want to buy the same grinder. How noisy is this grinder? Would the noise push your neighbors to file a complaint against you? Is it still working today? I truly look forward to your response. Thanks.

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