Prototyping the Actual Grinding Machine

After several revisions of my first design, trashing out the first design, buying and trying new stone grinder, inspecting the build of different market available grinders and rebuilding it again from scratch. Finally, the first stage of actual prototyping began.

simple grinder headI finalized the drawing. Saved corresponding PDF and DXF files. Then sent them out to metal sheet fabricators for quotations. I felt it was not right going to fabricator shop right away without even knowing the estimated cost. I can prepare budget right away by doing that plus I can gauge right beforehand how the fabricator handles their customers.

After three days, only three responded to my needs and only one was able to fulfill my requirement, an estimated price of all or of a few parts, the RTG MD.

What I asked them to fabricate for me was basically just a grinding head.  It is composed of three parts: the top, the base and the internals which will do the actual grinding. The top and base are made of pure stainless steel suitable for food applications. The internals, including stator, rotor and pusher fan, are made of mild steel. They are indeed not the recommended material but going for a pure stainless steel is a bit risky. I am quite sure about the top and base design but not on internal parts. My bet on those was about 95%. I will fabricate them when all things work the way I like. Make necessary modifications then fabricate the finalized parts using stainless steel.

I’ll post realistic photos once I got it after one week.


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