The Snail Blower Fan

I just can’t get my shopvac noise lower. I can, by enclosing it in silencer bin, however, it is big and will eat up considerable amount of space. Not good. Another consideration is the heat build-up. Running vacuum motor is hot already on its own even with constant air flow. What more if it is inside another container.

It has a huge suction power that I need to bleed most  before it reaches the separation junction. What if I can use an alternative device with less capacity. I can save on electricity bills and save my eardrum too.

I searched around the net in attempt to find a more silent vacuum brand. Failed. There is no such thing. They are all powerful and definitely loud.

My trip to electronic surplus stores solved my problem. I bought two snail blower fans for experimentation.

Luckily, the bigger turbo fan worked. It only needs 24 volts power source and consume 45 watts power. Way lower compared to home vacuum cleaner which is 1.5kw. It was originally designed to blow air. But, installing it on top of my custom made cyclone husk collector created more than enough suction to separate husk from nibs. In fact, I am bleeding more than half of its power.

snal turbo fan on top of cyclone husk collector

By the time I got and tested the snail turbo fan, the water seal of the colloid mill was damaged. The water circulating between radiator and mill cooling compartment was leaking outside the grinder base. I cannot use it for the next batch unless I found a replacement seal.

No cooling = no grinding. But, the turbo fan saved the day. I temporarily installed it near the mill base and commenced grinding with my fingers crossed. It was acceptable for the mill to get hot, but not too hot to set the cocoa liquor boiling.

For the record, during my very first grinding trial, the cocoa liquor coming out of downspout was boiling hot. I was glad my newly discovered cooler never let me down. It let me finished without any problem. At of this moment, I have run several batches without water cooling.

There is more, I am thinking if three to four of this thing are sufficient as air curtain. The commercial solely made for the purpose was kinda expensive, hard to install and consume a lot of power.

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