Solar Energy to Power Food Machinery

solar panel

Sun is free energy. Giving its own to specific area for over ten hours a day. Having the right tool, we can harness the sunshine to produce electricity. Enough to light our home, power refrigerator, television and use some luxury gadgets.

So why do we have to pay for huge sum of monthly electric bill? I don’t know. Better ask yourself!

Today, I just finished installing our very first solar panel system. It composed of 400 watts solar panels, PWM solar charge controller, 3 6SM deep cycle solar batteries and a 1000 watts pure sine wave power inverter.

solar panel control center

solar panel

I never expect it to completely replace the Meralco grid. I just wanted a kickstart in free energy revolution and reduce our electric bill to some extent.

Specifically, I wanted to power the melanger, which grind cocoa, without worrying about electricity cost. A batch of eight kilogram nibs needed 12 to 24 hours run time. Imagine how much will I save using sun’s energy. Then, savings mean additional resource to play with.

Running my DIY bean winnower and chocolate cooler few hours day are plus points.

When all said equipment are not in used. I intend to use excess energy to run a six cubic refrigerator, my personal laptop, few LED bulb at night and charge gadgets. This is specially true during power outage.

I intend to upgrade the system in the near future. Add more panels and batteries. Replace the solar charge controller and inverter with higher capacities. A wind turbine is a great option too.

The solar panel system and melanger were acquired thru DOST-SETUP.


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