Other Grinder That I Considered Buying

During my last trip to Divisoria, I saw two soya grinders. To be accurate, they are separator of soya milk and dregs. Kinda like a large version of popular power juicer. Juice and pulp separation using combination of grinding, centrifugal motion and filtration.

soya grinder 2soya grinder 1I thought it might be useful not just for soya milk and dregs separation, but for grinding other commodities. The equipment has a hopper for feeding in the water soaked soya. Two sand grinding stone ( rotor and stator ) for reducing down soya to small particles. Ground, they are immediately thrown toward the conical filter. The juice passes the filter freely down to exit pipe while the dregs are driven upward and toward the pulp collector.

I thought it could be used successfully for grinding coffee, cocoa, peanut, sesame and the likes if the conical filter is temporarily removed. On the other hand, the stone burrs and motor are rather small. It might be designed only to grind a soft water soaked soya, a relatively easy to grind bean.


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