The Surplus DC Geared Motor

Like I said before, I bought this surplus geared motor as candidate for reducing the footprint of my cocoa bean winnower. I like to place it directly on top of husk collector. A vertical space saving make-up. My processing area is quite small, so saving space is crucial. Also, it would be a cost reduction if I can opt for 12 volts DC from 220 volts AC.

While tinkering. Another crazy idea popped. If paired with a bigger gear, the speed would be slow and strong enough to turn a paddle or a big stainless bowl. Now, the idea of building a chocolate tempering comes into scene. I felt regret for not buying two of this. Another back trip is not on my to do yet, and would not be for some time.

The vendor who sold me this added more fun. He showed me how it can generate electricity enough to power a LED bulb. The main motor runs at 5,000 rpm and the gearhead output is only 60 rpm. He connected the motor terminal to LED bulb and hand cranked the gearhead. The bulb lit while the motor was turning. Imagine it connected to a fan/impeller turned by wind or running water. Free electricity!

geared motor gear head removed

The motor was tested briefly before purchase. Then I run it for about four hours immediately after arriving home. Intermittently checking motor temperature and trying to stop gear head by hand. A crude reliability check. Lastly, I took off the gears and applied grease. I wanted to check the motor winding but I was afraid I might accidentally break it.

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